Thanks for the Party!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to come by, share memories of the past, and muse about what lies ahead. From neighbors who live a few miles away, to friends and coworkers who traveled halfway across the country, it was great to have you all there.

For my friends from the MedicaLogic era, it was a thrill to see how you are thriving and growing. Families started, kids born or growing up, and businesses born too! My best two volunteers from the HIMSS years traveled from Colorado and California, and of course my most recent friends at CCHIT weren’t about to be left out, nor were some of our home-grown Portland area health IT leaders. And it was a pleasure to have some of the friends we’ve made here in town, working together to help build the North Plains Public Library, join in.

I especially appreciate Carolyn’s efforts in arranging everything, which included cooking and preparing the food! When she decided she would do all the cooking herself – no caterers – she couldn’t have guessed that over 50 people would be coming, but it all worked out perfectly that day, right down to the weather.

The retirement party was just what I needed to mark a passage into the next phase of my life. It is a milestone I will remember fondly. Thanks for being there for me. I wish all of you the best of success and happiness.