Hi, this is Mark, a hybrid electronic engineer/physician/entrepreneur. Technically, I’m retired, but it’s more accurate to say I’m [tippy title=”rewired”]the concept comes from the book, Don’t Retire, Rewire! by Sedlar and Miners[/tippy]. My drive to invent solutions to problems is more revved up than ever. I also enjoy being a mentor to individuals, startups, and organizations.

Current passion: experimenting in the Quantified Self arena. I’m exploring and hacking over a wide range of technologies, working on tools that may allow me — and perhaps others — to improve health, productivity, and happiness, by providing better self-insight and self-control. You can see my current projects in the slider below.  Click on any of the slider images to dig deeper.

For more about my background, please see my bio.  To find out what’s new, check my blog and tweets.